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The 90s

Greetings fellow Imaginationers,

Looking forward to our next meeting –
Sunday, March 31 at 8pm. Please arrive promptly.
Location: the LEM, AKA The Livonia House.
Address: 19412 Stamford, Livonia, 48152 (7 & Farmy)

The topic: Our CCM/Evangelical/Church Youth Group Upbringing in the 90s.

Gosh, the 90s were great. Our generation. ‘Twas an interesting time in “American Christianity.” I am going to share a long list of things I generated that contributed to our Christian faith development during this decade. I think you’ll find it interesting again. Carman will most likely be brought up.

Surely we’ve had discussions before on this, but I’d like to revisit it. A refresh, in light of where the culture has moved on since that time.

I’ve recently had a warm nostalgia rush when I saw this article:

Your assignment:
Read the article. Come prepared for a lively discussion.

Potential questions to speak to:

– What were the unintended outcomes of the Christian culture/subculture of the 90s that we were immersed in?
– How did these influences and forces shape you (then and now)?
– Overall, were these things hurtful or helpful in your personal development and/or spiritual journey?
– Any possible connections to the deconstruction movement?

Snackage optional, but encouraged.