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Real Things People Have Said About Saint.

“Carl gives you the whole package with better options than you would know to ask for. Always a wonderful surprise to open up his work.”
–Shane Sevo
Sales Engineer at Symmetri Marketing Group

“Carl has a gifted ability to communicate inspiring ideas through a mixture of visual mediums.”
– David Byron
Manager, Design and Innovation Strategy at Sundberg-Ferar

“Collaborating with Carl Johnson of Saint Creative has been nothing short of phenomenal. He always delivers a beautiful finished project.”
–Kelsey Madas
Marketing Department at LBC

“There were gasps as our committee and guests looked at the program, they were so pleased with how it looked. Best of all, we’ve raised over $75,000 for our programs and services. Carl, you really created the visuals we were hoping for.”
–Paula Brown
Chief Development Officer, Starfish Family Services

“You did a phenomenal job on our publication, Best Dearborn Stories: Voices from Henry Ford’s Hometown. You delivered what every customer craves. You have been the ultimate professional. You are creative. You are thorough. You are diligent. You are timely. You have passion. You have drive. You delivered when you said you’d deliver. You gave us much more than we have been able to give you. We could not have had such a successful enterprise without you!”
–Glenn O’Kray
Historical Commission Member, Dearborn Historical Museum

“While working together on projects for Canton Leisure Services, Carl Johnson and Saint Creative have made a huge impact on our agency’s branding. He has added a much more professional look to all of our promotional materials. Carl continues to be a great team player: he eagerly tackles all projects, sharing his ideas and expertise and delivers final products that go above and beyond all expectations.”
–Peg Stevens
Communications Specialist, Charter Township of Canton, MI

“I have had the privilege of contracting with Saint Creative for a variety of design projects. Whether the task is to develop eye-catching digital work, engaging print materials, or to create logos and branding from the ground up, Saint consistently delivers a product that exceeds expectations. Their creativity, innovation and gorgeous final products have begun to revamp the image of our organization, one project at a time. Saint Creative has quickly become the one-stop design solution for the Michigan Recreation and Park Association (mParks).”
–Jessica Makolin
Communications Coordinator, Michigan Recreation & Park Association

“We have been working with Saint Creative for a few years now and he is a key asset to our team. Their creative approach towards projects and their professional presentations of work are guaranteed to WOW any client we work with. When we provide Saint with the “Big Vision” for a project, they come back to us not with 5 variations on one concept, but 5 completely different concepts! It’s amazing!”
–Josh Holowicki
Owner, E2i Design

“I’m just sitting here thinking about where my business was just 6 months ago and where we are now…what a difference! You have really changed the way our shop looks and feels. Your creativity and thoughtfulness is so valuable to my shop and my life. I really value our relationship and look forward to the years to come.”
–Kirk Richardson
Shop Owner, South Street Auto Care

“Carl is able to take my rough ideas and make them into something I never even imagined. I’ve never been disappointed by his work.”
– Bill Keith
Station Manager at WSDP Radio – Plymouth Canton Community Schools

“Carl is a pure representation of a “creative.” He is hands down the best designer I have ever worked.”
– Matt Thisse
Patient Service Center Director at Conifer Health Solutions

“You make great art, I love your taste in music, you’re an inspirational writer AND you make me laugh.”
–Keith Baum
Media Director, Lancaster Bible College

“Always optimistic, Carl is great at deploying his extensively creative skills whenever the need arises. His great charisma and stellar integrity make working with him both fluid and productive.”
-Albert Lopez
Principal, Business Turnaround

“Carl Johnson branded my business! I recommend him to anyone looking for their business to stand out from the crowd.”
–Jason Hallman
Owner/Partner Cycle Stop USA

“Carl brings his creative horsepower and huge heart for Downtown Farmington as part of our Main Street volunteer leadership structure. He is the quiet sparkle behind our big bang graphics and bright community messaging. Patient, smart, always thinking forward in ways we haven’t considered. We are grateful to have Saint Creative as a leader in our creative class of merchant mix downtown.”
-Kate Knight
Executive Director, Farmington DDA