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Greetings fellow Imaginationers,

Looking forward to seeing you guys at our next meeting –
Sunday, March 24 at 8pm.
Location: the LEM, AKA The Livonia House.
Address: 19412 Stamford, Livonia, 48152 (7 & Farmy)

Since many of your are film lovers & connoisseurs, I think I found a topic that might be appealing to you.

The Topic: Daniel Day-Lewis and the Era of Streaming

What to read in preparation:

Questions/issues to ponder, or that we can discuss:
– How did streaming affect the the movie-going experience? What is the future of the movie theater complex?
– How did covid affect the the movie-going experience?
– What is your preference? Are you satisfied with simply enjoying films in the comfort of your own home?
– Any thoughts of DDL’s retirement from making movies back in 2017?
– Does DDL just sound critical of streaming these days? Does he simply come across as a resistant curmudgeon, a Hulu-hater?
– What about Tom Cruise’s mission (pun intended) to save the movies?
– How does the ever-evolving speed of technology affect folks from a different era (like DDL)? Can a slower-paced artisan or craftsman still find their place and/or be appreciated?
– Is there a moment when you realize that the world has passed you by, and can you be at peace with this?