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This Christmas, my family and I read an Advent poem every day during the month of December. Taking turns, it was a joy and something we started to look forward to. A few days in, Shiloh decided to surprise us and read an original poem she wrote. I then challenged the rest of the family to write an Advent poem to share. This is what we came up with.

On a Dark and Silent Night
On a dark and silent night
When all the world watched
In quiet plight
Into the world a Savior came
A peace, a hope, a light to man
A spark to light our empty hearts
A ray of light
The Savior came
And with the dawn, an open door
The hope that we’d been waiting for.
– By Shiloh

No Room
Jesus Christ is born,
In the town of Bethlehem
To Mary and Joseph,
In a small stable inn.

There was no room in the city,
No room in the town
Yet they were able to find a place
To give birth to the Savior, the crown.
– By Waylen

Bethlehem City (humble thyself first)
Advent 2021

Everybody’s got a hungry heart
But we don’t always know what our appetite is for
Or what we’re truly longing for.

War is Over (if you want it)
But you have to humble yourself first—
Both the war and the revival start from within.

The darker the night,
The easier it is to see the Light—
May silver stars illuminate our path tonight.

There will always only be one Prince of Peace
Follow the way to Bethlehem City this eve
And find what you’re looking for.
– By Carl

What Caused You to Come

What caused you to come
To a world that didn’t want you?
Did you see our depravity,
A world stricken with every iniquity?

What caused you to come
To a world that didn’t seek you?
Did you see our desperation,
Our unknown longing for salvation?

What caused you to come
To a world that didn’t love you?
Did you see our despair,
Our trapped soul in need of freeing?

So what caused you to come, I ask again?
And in the form of a whisper, I hear my name and it said:

“It’s because of you that I, pure and radiant in nature, came humble in a manger.

It’s because of you that I, the Word made flesh, came fragile as a baby from a woman’s womb.

It’s because of you that I, the tangible and embodied light of the world, first sought you, first loved you, and dwelt among you.

What caused me to come, you ask?
It’s because of you
It’s because of you
So I say it again, It’s because of you.”
– By Colleen